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x2008-09-29 02:55:57
hello, i tried it and for me it works ok. tell (more exactly) where you see an error.
2008-02-13 08:00:02
in file: ieee754.htm the 2nd line in M shouldn't have a log sub 2 took me a while to figure out why i didn't get the same answer but thanks. it was great help
a (a at b dot cz)2007-10-02 20:22:31
pofider2005-09-21 11:50:02
ax (berunaxxxx at centrum dot cz)2005-08-09 21:28:41
Pepa (pepa at volny dot cz)2005-03-16 18:27:49
No teda, mne se to moc libi...
admin (admin at handyscript dot wz dot cz)2005-01-13 16:31:05
sem muzete psat pripominky k memu jazyku / you are allowed to post your objections to my language..
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