What is this site about?

This site is dedicated to HandyScript and its interpreter.

What is HandyScript?

HandyScript is a scripting language destinned for general use. I originally designed it to have a simple but effective device for faciliating some rutine or boring transactions made on PC that can be automated.

Shell I at all bother to read on?
You might if: If you conform to at least one of the points listed, this site may hopefully be of some use to you.
What sort of language is HandyScript?

Well, …competitor scripting languages are huge projects, usually supported by hundreds of people. I shell not compete with them, HandyScript is just my "child" on which I learned to write a scripting language.

On the other hand, languages like PHP or Ruby (not even mentioning the ASP.NET) are gargantuan complicated systems with several distributions, tens of extensions, hundreds of versions and setting switches, thousands of functions, taking tens of megs, hundreds of files, tens of minutes, unmeasurable amount of effort to install and few scratches on the back of one's head to configure. Nothing against those, but some users never use even a one tenth of what they offer (for ex., DJ Delorie's C++ compiler or is the very instance of this). On the other hand, HandyScript is one distribution of one version of one language with one interpreter (about 280 kB) that (when talking about its features) does not stand much behind.

Script outputing itself
HandyScript's features
Some more facts about HandyScript

I started to develop HandyScript some two years ago in Delphi during my civil service. Currently, due to few minor filesystem thingies, it comes in Windows distribution only (making it for Linux wouldn't be difficult, though). I am thinking about making HandyScript general and independent on the integrated interpreter, but… just thinking :-) It wouldn't be difficult either.

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